Kindly inform us of any maintenance matters as they occur. Swiftly addressing minor issues can prevent them from escalating into significant damage. If you're uncertain about responsibility, refer to our guide below. Please use the button below to report any maintenance issues to us.



Your landlord must always ensure there is access to heating and hot water and maintain the structure of the property. Damages which are caused due to miss-use or neglect on your part are your responsibility.

Deliberate damage

Where the work is required due to deliberate or wilful acts by the tenant.

Removed items

Where an installation has been removed and needs replacement, either during or at the end of the tenancy. If this is during the course of a tenancy, the tenant will first be given the opportunity to replace the item, providing the work is carried out to an acceptable standard.

Wilful neglect

Repair or replacement may be necessary due to general neglect rather than a specific act of damage. It is important to distinguish between normal wear and tear and exceptional neglect, in which case the tenant will be responsible.

Unauthorised alterations

If a tenant has made alterations that require reinstatement, either for health and safety reasons or to bring the property back to a lettable standard, the full costs of the works will be charged. However, if the alterations are acceptable, consideration will be given to granting permission prior to the alterations.

Removal of refuse

At the end of a tenancy, the cost of removing items of furniture or rubbish which are left behind will be charged to the outgoing tenant. Charges will not be made for the standard cleaning of voids where this is needed as a matter of routine. Also, charges will not be made to former tenants for the removal of items that were in place, or the replacement of items that were missing or damaged at the start of their tenancy

Reporting an Issue

Please report all maintenance issues using the button below, please include as much detail on the issue as possible